NUB Transport Inc.
Going Your Way!

Excellent Service!

"Struggling to juggle the crazy schedules of my busy family of five - I was thrilled to find
NUB Transport, Inc.! I have used NUB's transportation services for my son Jake on a consistent basis for the past five months. NUB's representatives are professional. friendly,prompt and courteous. I feel confident that my son Jake is safe and will be picked up and/or dropped off in a timely manner. And my son is completely comfortable riding with NUB." - Michele Bagby

"Really don't know what we would have done without Nathan and Ulanda Brooks! We are
parents that both work outside the home and are challenged to find child transportation
from school to after school activities. What a relief to know that NUB transportation can
pick up our children and safely transport them to the swim team practice. Every afternoon,
without fail, NUB transportation makes sure our children arrive safely and on time. They
have even helped us on weekends and during the summer weeks to get the kids to and
from camp and sports practices. NUB transportation is a parent's dream. Safe, courteous and reasonable." - Ginny Parks


Wonderful people that are great with children and provide a very professional service.

"Love having this service available in Winston-Salem. Very caring individuals who are helping children. They are very professional about the services they provide. Don't hesitate to contact them today. They are a true blessing to this community." - Michelle Lovell

Customer Reviews

Very friendly and excellent service

Nub has taken my 10 year old son to school for me when I have had early business
meetings. NUB made my son feel very comfortable on his ride to school. To go the extra
mile to make me comfortable, they notified me when my son arrived at school to let me
know he arrived safely. That made for a great day! I will be calling them again. - Antonio McCoy

Completely Dependable and Totally Trustworthy!!!

"We have trusted NUB Transport for almost a year now, transporting our children from school to swimming, and wherever else we need for them to go. They have always provided safe, reliable and trustworthy service at a fair price. We have used their service for simple, repeating activities, as well as more complex trips and schedules, and they always deliver! We are thankful to have them as a service provider, and do not know what we would do without them!" - Tripp Parks